• Capsule Bottle PET Transparent

    Capsule Bottle PET Transparent

    The moisture content of the material must be fully dried before production. Generally, the drying temperature is 160 ℃ for the dried materials. If it is stored in the air for a long time, it will not absorb moisture. Therefore, once the raw materials are dried, they must be used immediately or directly by the continuous dryer, otherwise they must be kept in the incubator at 90 ~ 100 ℃ for standby, so as to avoid moisture absorption again after drying.

  • Capsule Bottle PET Yellow

    Capsule Bottle PET Yellow

    In fact, the safety of PET bottles is inseparable from the advantages of PET plastic bottles. The first is that PET plastic bottles are light in weight and durable in material. The second is that PET plastic bottles are cheap in price. Compared with glass and ceramic packaging, the price of PET plastic bottles is much lower. Third, PET bottles have a high recycling rate, which is far higher than other plastic bottles, which is conducive to environmental safety.

  • Capsule Bottle PET White

    Capsule Bottle PET White

    • We provide presales service in various forms, for example, design proofing and open mold of the products according to the customer needs, provide the Logo Printing as clients’ requirements,etc.

    • Send the samples to the clients as a reference

    • Investment budgeting: We provide services of product profit analysis, recommendation of product and relevant budgeting.

  • Capsule Bottle PET Red

    Capsule Bottle PET Red

    Quality standard of plastic bottle. Conduct product quality analysis from manufacturer’s product quality standards to determine if it is desirable. Pharmaceutical plastic bottle enterprises should formulate enterprise standards higher than national standards, and the industry standards should be more strict;

  • Capsule Bottle PET Green

    Capsule Bottle PET Green

    Nowadays, many people will think of white for the first time when choosing the color of plastic bottles. White is really versatile and can be matched with any other color. However, many people hope that the color of product packaging will be more active and rich. Green is also a common color and looks more comfortable. What color will green match?Many people like the fresh and natural smell of green, but it’s difficult to grasp the color collocation except green in plastic bottles.

  • Capsule Bottle PET Brown

    Capsule Bottle PET Brown

    PET plastic bottles occupy an important market space in almost every packaging container market. This is naturally inseparable from the advantages of PET plastic bottles. First of all, pet plastic bottle material stability is good, temperature resistance, in a certain temperature to maintain material stability, especially suitable for food packaging. Secondly, pet plastic bottles are transparent and have the same appearance as glass bottles, but they are lighter and more fragile.

  • Capsule PET Blue

    Capsule PET Blue

    High isolation packaging. High isolation packaging is the application of materials with excellent isolation to control gas and water vapor. Smell, light, etc. into the package to ensure the effectiveness of drugs. High isolation packaging has been widely used in Europe and Japan. However, China has introduced PVDC and other high isolation packaging since 1980s, but its growth is slow. Therefore, the growth of high isolation material packaging is a major trend of drug flexible packaging in China;

  • Capsule Bottle PET Black

    Capsule Bottle PET Black

    Appearance quality of medical plastic bottle: oral solid medical bottle is generally white. The oral liquid medicine bottle is generally brown or transparent, and other color products can be produced according to the customer’s requirements. The color should be uniform, without obvious color difference. The surface should be smooth and smooth, without obvious deformation and scratches, sand holes, oil stains and bubbles. The bottle mouth should be smooth and smooth.