On the occasion of the Spring Festival, in order to make the special people in the company feel the care of the company, and live a warm and peaceful New Year’s Day, Wang Xiaodong, general manager of Chengfeng Pharmaceutical Packaging, and members of the leadership went to the family of the special colleagues of the company to send condolences.

Visits condolences, ChengFeng pharmaceutical packaging leaders details about special colleagues family life condition and the actual specific difficulties, and told them what are the difficulties and problems can be reflected to the company at any time, should take good care of your own life and encourage them to keep optimistic state of mind to face life positively, to holiday blessing in advance.

Although the condolence is not expensive, but this “love” is the most warm gift before the Spring Festival, not only warm special colleagues, but also really let colleagues enjoy the care and warmth of the company leadership.
Cao Huiying was very moved and said, “The leaders of the company always think of me. They always think of me when there is a good thing. They care about us and express sympathy on the eve of the Spring Festival.
You have been thinking of me, really let our hearts too warm.

I don’t know what to say, but I will work hard to satisfy my company and myself…”


Through the visit before the Spring Festival, Chengfeng medical packaging company colleagues in the cold winter to feel the warmth and care, so that special families happy New Year, effectively promote the harmony and stability of the company.

Post time: Dec-20-2020